Work together to solve online learning woes

KUCHING: Various parties — from the government to universities, parents and students — must work together and solve internet connection problems that could affect the learning process.

Many students in rural areas are not able to participate in online classes due to poor internet connection, thus depriving them from keeping up with their studies.

New Sarawak Tribune reached out to several university students on the matter and many opined that concerned parties as well as parents should help to take care of the students’ academic success.

Beegam Maziah

Beegam Maziah Mohd Umar, 22

“The university should address this situation by giving some form of additional financial help to students to enable them to have a more effective learning environment. It would help those from the B40 group a lot. I would like to suggest that students with internet problems have a place in college but with stricter compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs).”

Puteri Farhana

Puteri Farhana Fazari, 22

“All parties need to be tolerant of each other and understand their respective situations as the education system is currently facing issues on internet connection. If this problem arises among students, then their parents should play a role in emphasising that learning remains a priority even when they are at home.”

Alymphia Jati

Alymphia Jati Unja, 22

“Communication between educators and students is very important, especially engagement in online learning.”

Gabriel Lihan

Gabriel Lihan Apat Ferguson, 22

“The university and the government have been doing an incredible job to ensure the student’s welfare is cared for.

“If the students have any issue, they should contact their respective faculties for further assistance.”

Amirul Asraf

Amirul Asraf Mohamad Musa, 23 tahun

“Lecturers could give lecture notes, coursework questions and so on in hard copy forms and post it to students who do not have internet access, especially those living in rural areas.”

Mohd Alif Najmi

Mohd Alif Najmi, 19

“The concerned authorities need to provide some facilities for students, such as unlimited internet data, as both urban and rural areas require a strong internet connection and it costs them (students) to pay more.”