Pan Borneo Highway

KUCHING: Putrajaya will spare no expense and is committed to completing the Pan Borneo Highway with quality materials.

The Works Ministry said the grade of the road constructed in Sarawak was similar to those nationwide.

The ministry dismissed allegations by Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) who claimed otherwise in a report published by a local daily earlier this week.

“The federal government, especially the Works Ministry, will not reduce any funding for cost saving in terms of infrastructure projects in Sarawak.

“The road grade used in the Pan Borneo Highway is similar to those that are used in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah,” it said in a statement yesterday.

On Monday, PSB claimed the roads in Sarawak were generally of lower grade than those in Peninsular Malaysia.

The party pointed out that the Pan Borneo Highway was a List 2 road while highways in Peninsular Malaysia were all List 1 roads.

PSB said that the Weight Restriction Order (WRO) of a List 2 road allowed for a maximum load capacity of 38 tonnes and traffic was limited to six-axle heavy vehicles.

Meanwhile, List 1 highways like those in Peninsular Malaysia had a WRO of 53 tonnes and a capacity for seven-axle heavy vehicles, it said.

The ministry said although the highway was listed under List 2, its specifications, excluding the bridges, were similar to List 1.

“Based on WRO from List 2 that was specified, it refers to the bridges that are already in place along the Pan Borneo Highway.

“In the past, the maximum load capacity is 38 tonnes and traffic is limited to six-axle heavy vehicles. That is why the highway is placed under List 2,” it clarified.