Worst weather ever

The damaged rock structures along the beach in Miri. Photo: Margaret Ringgit

MIRI: Several residents along beaches here are worried and concerned over erosion that occurred caused by the stormy weather which brought abnormally high tides and strong winds for the past few days.

Some beaches along the Luak area suffered erosion by the turbulent sea following the none-stop rains.

Certain parts of the shore were badly affected by the waves.

Hafiz Ispawi, 36, a fisherman and a resident in Luak, expressed worries over the erosion and appealed to the relevant authorities to take immediate action to prevent further damage.

“Strong waves that occurred in the past three days have damaged the present rock revetment wall, and some of the sea debris were washed up onto the roads,” he said today.

Hafiz said that he’d never seen the beach stripped of so much sand before.

“The heavy rain early this week, has caused certain parts of the beach to be eroded, and we need to do something to prevent further damage,” he added.

Three days ago, more than 20 boats belonging to local fishermen in Kampung Kuala Batu Satu in Kuala Baram were washed up onto the road by strong winds.

According to the weather reports, heavy rains are expected to occur until today in Miri, Bintulu, Limbang and several parts of Sabah.