Yacutha: Style sewn from experience

Yacutha’s designs — while sophisticated in manner — holds an eclectic feeling to it as Yacub wants to maintain a look that can be worn at any occasion.

Yacub Taha created his brand Yacutha from the experiences he gathered being a fashion stylist. Exploring the world, traversing through different fashion industries, Yacub then decided to start his label in 2017 to put in place his designs and ideas.

Fit for different occasions

Yacub Taha.

Experience is the thread sewn into life to create the present. Fashion stylist Yacub Taha would know, as he has gone through numerous experiences to be where he is now.

Starting as a make-up artist in his 20s, the 58-year-old Yacub’s involvement in the industry stemmed from regularly being around the fashionables. “In the 80s, I studied as a hairstylist at one of the prestige school in Singapore. I also worked for the cosmetic brand, Lancome. Those two jobs paved my way into the fashion industry.”

His love for fashion is profound as he always find ways to go to various fashion shows and even becoming the makeup artist for some shows. “I was always surrounded by fashion, since I was 21 to be exact,” he said.

The Kuching-born stylist also shared that he the moved to Kuala Lumpur where he had the chance to work with big names, such as renowned singer Sheila Majid, designer Tom Abang Saufi and many others.

One of Yacutha’s jewellery collections.

In 2003, he decided to seek greener pastures and look for new experiences in London. There, his perspective towards the fashion industry broadened. The stylist believed that as a fashion enthusiast, there is a need to travel the world and visit different fashion industries.

According to him, London was a whole different world compared to Malaysia.

“In London, they have fashion weeks, fashion galleries and events. I visited them all to gain experience.”

Yacutha’s designs — while sophisticated in manner — holds an eclectic feeling to it as Yacub wants to maintain a look that can be worn at any occasion.

Furthermore, he added, his tour to household labels’ boutiques added more to his perspective. “As a freelance fashion stylist, I would buy branded goods for my clients. There, I get to observe and see the differences in the workmanship — from pattern cutting, to ways of the fabric, colour charts, the shades, and others.”

In 2017, Yacub returned home to spend more time with his family. Not long after, he started his brand — Yacutha, a merge of his name and his father’s (Yacub and Taha).

As an eclectic brand, Yacutha focuses on the latest trend, witha compromise. “There is a twist to every trend, and my designs are created to suit everyday lifestyle.”

Currently, Yacutha’s three main focuses are the ‘Zip Zap’, the ‘Clash Print Tunic’ and the ‘Boyfriend’s Shirts’. Apart from that, Yacutha also comprises limited edition, exclusive jewellery collections and eco-rattan bags.

Gathering inspirations from everything, everywhere, Yacub however disclosed that not every inspiration is useful. “It has to have that twist!” He gave an example of his ‘Zip Zap’ collection. “The cutting is simple, I got my inspiration for that in Japan,” he revealed.

Yacutha’s jewellery donned together with the top from his ‘Zip Zap’ collection.

“I created the ‘Zip Zap’ according to the weather. I also considered the lifestyle aspects when designing it. Hence, it can be a dress, a resort-wear, and can be paired with accessories.”

Yacub also shared that the ‘Zip Zap’ can be used as a ‘sarung’, depending on preferences. “It is like a new way of dressing!” When he designed the collection, Yacub also considered that users will generally buy clothing that could be worn for different occasions.

He revealed that the materials he used for the designs were sourced from around Asia, London, and some were simply bought from the market. Yacub would usually buy fabric to be kept over time until his inspiration comes to use it.

“My expertise as a stylist is I can mix fabric to fabric, and I will have the trademark Yacutha look,” he explained.

As an outgoing person, Yacub advises, “Always be yourself. I don’t lie to myself and I be who I want to be.” Apart from that, he encourages people to be more kind and humble, “When you travel the world, you will find these attributes useful. If you are kind to others, kindness is what you will receive.”

Yacutha’s latest designs, the ’20/21 Streetwear Collection.

Having been in the industry for decades, Yacub shared that during his 20s, people were influenced by fashion magazines from Hong Kong and Singapore. “Now, we are influenced by Korean fashion.”

“People now are also more open, daring and acceptable of different ideas. Malaysia is still far behind in terms of silhouette and pattern cutting.

However, during fashion weeks, we can see many young designers emerging.

In Kuching alone, the industry is booming,” Yacub commented.

Most recently, Yacub designed new uniforms for Sarawak Club’s Chinese restaurant, reception and main hall, the western food restaurant and also the Badger’s bar. “It was an honour for me to be able to design their new uniforms as the club is one of the oldest and well-known private club in Sarawak,” he shared.

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