Young Nazira cashes in on kunafa crave

KUCHING: The ‘kunafa’ phenomenon that is sweeping the country is now also being felt in this city.

Photos of people standing in long queues at several shops selling the mouth-watering Arabic dessert are increasingly being shared by social media users.

In this city, kunafa traders also make big profits.

Young entrepreneur, Dayangku Nazira Awang Hang Tuah, 28, said she was surprised to see her customers willing to queue for up to 45 minutes to buy the dish.

In an interview with New Sarawak Tribune, Dayangku Nazira said she had just started selling the dish from the Middle East for a week.

“The idea to sell kunafa arose because I love to eat kunafa whenever I travel to Kuala Lumpur and it is a must-have menu when I go there.

“Actually, after working in Kuala Lumpur for years and returning to Kuching, I wanted to eat kunafa like I did there, so I bought the ingredients and started to make the dish and it has been a runaway success.

“My husband, my in laws and my siblings are the ones who give me moral support and encourage me to do this business,” she added.

But Dayangku Nazira admitted that the materials to make kunafa are difficult to find in Sarawak.

“I have to order the kunafa dough from Kuala Lumpur for my daily sales,” she added.

“Our business starts on 11am daily and ends only when the kunafa is sold out.

“We are open from Monday until Saturday and our stall is located in front of Surau Darul Hijrah,Kampung Tupong Ulu.

“We use Golden Churn butter, mozzarella cheese and cream cheese to add a kick to the kunafa.

“Now people in Petra Jaya also can have a taste of kunafa at only RM15 per box,” she added.

For any reservation or orders, people may contact her through Facebook Fadhli Nazieyra for more information.

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