Younger generation key to state’s future

Awang Tengah

KUCHING: This Sarawak Day celebration marks the fifth year of celebrating the national event that recognises the pre-Malaysia Sarawak independence.

However, what is more important is that the event should be well remembered and appreciated by especially the younger generation (Xennials – Generation Alpha).

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan in stressing this said that by embodying the spirit of the celebration, the younger generation may realise that the onus is on Sarawakians to chart the future of the state.

“The appreciation of 22 July should not be celebrated as just a holiday to mark the history of Sarawak.

“What matters most is that we realise that the direction of Sarawak is in the hands of fellow Sarawakians,” he said in his Sarawak Day message.

Awang Tengah said July 22 is a sacred date for the people of Sarawak as it commemorates the history of Sarawak being free from the shackles of British colonialism.

“Our predecessors acquired the power of self-governance with the formation of the first Sarawak Cabinet on July 22, 1963 … This is clear evidence of past efforts towards independence for Sarawak. 

“Led by Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong as the first chief minister and executive of a newly independent state, Sarawak had its first cabinet, consisting of multi-racial Sarawakian ministers, which then helped formed Malaysia,” he said.

Today, as we move forward in attaining status as a developed state, Awang Tengah said, “to become a developed state by 2030, it will require Sarawak to embark on a quest filled with great challenges.

“Therefore, for the mission to be accomplished, we must unite to enhance our capabilities, generating the economy and producing skilled human capital that drives Sarawak further.

“Let us as the people of Sarawak, continue to be united regardless of religion, race, culture and different backgrounds, in solidarity to ensure that Sarawak continues to strive with political stability, peace and prosperity,” he said.