Lukanisman (second left) and Ling (left) during a the #KidsTakeOver programme organised by Unicef last year.

KUCHING: Fifteen-year-old Marscella Ling of Bintulu is the youngest participant of the Digital Parliament programme held this week.

Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni in a Facebook post last Friday night said he met with Ling during a #KidsTakeOver programme organised by the United Nations International Children’s Fund (Unicef) last year.

“What is interesting about her (Ling) is that she is only 15 years old and is the youngest youth representative out of the 222 participants.

“It is rare that we find someone who is passionate in politics at this age. We need more people like Marscella,” he said.

Ling will join 30 others youth parliament representatives from Sarawak and participate in debates during the digital parliament session which is held online this weekend (July 4-5).

“The digital parliament is an initiative which allows 222 youth representatives to debate and discuss national issues and policy online.

“I am in full support of the initiative to allow room for the youth to participate and offer their views through the right process,” he said.

Lukanisman also wished the best of luck to the youth representative for Sibuti, Adila Jurek. “Please do your best, okay,” he added.