Youth should be prepared for the future

KUCHING: The state’s youth need to be prepared for the changes that they will face once the state government develops Sarawak’s infrastructure.

During an interview on Facebook Live recently, Tupong assemblyman Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman said this is in line with the many changes expected to take place within the next 10 to 15 years not only in terms of development, but also human capital and technology.

He also said the state government needed to see what can be offered in the development of education, not only in terms of formal education but also training.

New Sarawak Tribune met several youth for their opinions on this matter.

Many of them agreed that the state’s youth should be developed to improve their skills, which would enable them to secure employment opportunities as well as contribute to the country’s human capital.

They also stressed that the government should focus more on courses pertaining to information and communications technology (ICT) so that Malaysia can catch up with other countries, as well as more skill-based education.

Romelda Richard

Romelda Richard, 23, Student

The youth should be prepared so that they would at least have general knowledge on how things should be done followed by their job requirements. By depending on formal education alone, the youth will not experience reality. The state government should focus on coursework more than exams. By doing so, experience will not be a problem for the youth to apply for a job.

Marcella Shine Michael John

Marcella Shine Michael John, 23, Insurance agent

The beneficial outcomes from preparing the youth are improved skill development and increased academic achievement, social competencies, and civic competencies. The government should focus more on emphasising training and marketplace programmes to support disadvantaged youth in the hope that it will be able to develop their skills and marketability in many fields.

Jesslyn Yeo

Jesslyn Yeo, 22, Salesperson

Our youth would benefit by being exposed to the working environment at an early age so they know the importance of responsibility in handling tasks. Skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking and flexibility have always been important, but they will be even more crucial for future generations. The government should organise programmes to prepare the youth to face challenges and achieve his or her full potential.

Chloe Nicole Dominic

Chloe Nicole Dominic, 20, Student

The youth need to be given more opportunities to better themselves to find work openings, especially for fresh graduates or even school leavers. They can benefit from finding new jobs that are better and offer a stable income. I suggest that the government focus on skills such as IT and learn basic computer skills as we have to move with the times to be at the same pace with other developing countries.

Hurul Ain Namira

Hurul Ain Namira, 19, Student

It is important for the government to develop a stable foundation for formal education and training. The youth will benefit greatly from these changes as not only will they achieve critical thinking skills and better communication skills, but they will be more mature with a heighted sense of awareness to the country’s economic growth, environmental issues and sustainability. However, it would be advisable to stress more on training, as it gives an individual more in terms of skills to do something rather than just knowing it in theory.

Priyadarshini Sarah

Priyadarshini Sarah, 19, Student

I agree that the government should consider implementing changes to the education system in terms of development. It should be at par with the rest of the world in the aspects of human capital and career prospect. Taking courses offered by the local universities which are tailored for the needs of the human capital and implementing the knowledge of psychology in the education system will actually help the future generation to be ready mentally and emotionally.

Mohammad Adib Izzuddin

Mohammad Adib Izzuddin, 18, Student

Focusing on the youth to prepare them for the future is a great change because it can help them to improve on their existing skills and also to help our state government in developing our modern technology in Sarawak, in which case they should focus on ICT education and training.