Youths prove virtual parliament doable

Lim (left) presides over the address made by a representative from Penampang, Sabah.

KUCHING: Despite dissenting views, a virtual parliament can be done as demonstrated by a Digital Parliament session yesterday.

The session attended by 222 youths representing their parliamentary constituency spanned more than three hours and was broadcast live on the “Parlimen Digital” Facebook.

The topic of discussion during the session was whether a special economic stimulus plan is needed for the youths.

Saturday’s discussion featured 24 youth House members from 9am until the session ended at around 12.30pm with a vote by all members of the House.

Before the session begins, Lim Wei Jiet who is acting as House speaker briefed the House on the rules before any debates were commenced.

A member was given three and a half minutes to get his point across followed by three and a half minutes of replying to questions from the floor, giving each speaker a total of seven minutes to argue their stance on the issue.

By convention, a Dewan Rakyat gets around 10 to 15 minutes to address the Lower House and other members can interject or ask questions if given permission by the Speaker and the member who has the floor. The session had more than 92,000 views on Facebook, with other Facebook users posting more than 1,200 comments. Apart from that, it was shared 591 times and generated 737 reactions.