YS-CAPS providing digital learning support to schools

YS-CAPS provide consultation services on digital learning environment.

WITH the assistance from the Sibuti Parliamentary Community Service Centre, 21 schools in Bekenu and Miri recently received 150 refurbished computers as part of the Yayasan Sarawak Computer Assistance Programme to Schools (YS-CAPS).

Mr Khairuddin, SMK Riam’s technician, showing YS-CAPS PCs in the computer lab.

On March 12, a ceremony for the programme was conducted at the Sibuti Parliamentary Community Service Centre at Taman Jelita, Miri, and Bekenu.

Representatives from the schools as well as parent-teacher associations attended the ceremony. Present to officiate at the event was Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni.

Lukanisman emphasised the need for developing a digital learning environment in schools. He also said that it could further enhance the students’ abilities and creativity, and that the YS-CAPS initiative would be assisting the schools in accomplishing that aim.

Linda Aran from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus (Swinburne Sarawak) also gave a briefing on courses and enrolment options during the event.

The recipients for the YS-CAPS computers are SK Batu Niah, SK Kg Tarikan, SK Sg Tangap, SK Rumah Tinggi, SK Sg Saeh, SK Beliau Isa, SK Kelapa Sawit No 2, SK Sg Bakas, SK Beliau Ahad, SK Tawakal Satap, SMK Bekenu, SK Bekenu, SK Kg Beraya, SK Kg Bakam, SK Lutong, SK Anchi, SJKC Chung Hua Bakam, SJKC Tukau, SK Temenggong Datuk Muip, SK Riam Batu Dua and SMK Luak.

The YS-CAPS Advantage

YS-CAPS is a CSR initiative between Yayasan Sarawak, Swinburne University, and PC Image Sdn Bhd to provide refurbished computers and technology consultation to schools, particularly those in rural areas. The programme is not intended to be a replacement for any government initiatives or efforts, but rather to supplement them in the transition to a digital learning environment.

The computers are appropriate for classroom teaching and learning because they came from Swinburne University, which has high compute requirements for its teaching and learning needs. Despite being refurbished, the computers come with a five-year hardware warranty from the programme. This is intended to alleviate the burden on schools in maintaining their computing environment. In addition, schools will benefit from lower pricing options on future IT purchases for education from PC Image.

YS-CAPS provide consultation services on digital learning environment.

Feedback on YS-CAPS

SK Kampung Kuala Sibuti Headmaster, Mohd Fazli, in the ICT Room.

According to Mohd Fazli Mohd Ramli, headmaster of SK Kampung Kuala Sibuti, the additional YS-CAPS computers had aided the school, particularly the students and teachers, as many activities could now be carried out more smoothly than before.

Completing the school’s Digital Competency Score is one example of such activity. He also mentioned that the ICT room was now frequently visited and that the teaching sessions on digital learning were more enjoyable because the computing needs were sufficient to provide a conducive environment.

Catharine Ubin, senior assistant for student affairs at SMK Riam, reported that the programme had helped the school provide the infrastructure for students to teach computer science.

There had also been no problems with the computers since they were delivered to the school in 2019. She also mentioned that more computers could be added in the future if possible.

In 2019, SMK Riam and SMK Luar Bandar Miri were among the first recipients of the programme in Miri. Currently, YS-CAPS covers and maintains 65 schools in Sarawak, with a total of 575 computers.

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