Zoning to be implemented in Sibu

KUCHING: The Covid-19 outbreak areas in Sibu will be divided into zones to allow for prompt responses by the authorities, said Education, Science and Technological Research assistant minister Dr Annuar Rapaee.

“There are places that have a high number of cases and there are also other places where the cases are not as high. We will zone them so that the public will know and avoid these places.

“By doing this, we will also be able to strategise our planning on how to overcome the areas which face increased number of cases,” he said in a Facebook Live session with Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting on Sunday (Feb 7).

Dr Annuar added if a place recorded high number of cases, mass screening would be implemented like in Sibu Jaya recently.

“However, my advice to the people is don’t wait for mass screening. The polyclinics are open and drive thru screening is also open,” he said.

Dr Annuar said besides that, the Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) would also be employing stricter guidelines to curb the number of cases by quarantining close contacts of Covid-19 cases.

“If one member of a family is positive, we will have to bring all of them to the quarantine centre. That is the only way to curb the spread of the disease,” he said.

The Nangka assemblyman also stressed that the cases recorded in Sibu were no longer confined to the longhouses.

“Only 27 percent of the cases we had in the last couple of days were from longhouses. In other words, there are about 70 percent of the cases in Sibu town.

“This is the message that we must pass to Sibu folk. I see people in Sibu saying that the cases are only occurring at longhouses when in fact, we had seen increased number of cases from our drive thru screening, polyclinics and private facilities.

“In other words, the infection is happening all over Sibu. So please, the best practice now is to stay at home. If you need to go out, do it quickly and avoid crowded places,” he said.