20 straight As in SMK Batu Lintang

Some of the straight As students of SMK Batu Lintang in jubilant mood after receiving their result slips.

KUCHING: Twenty students from SMK Batu Lintang here scored straight As in last year’s SPM examination, as compared to only 16 in SPM 2018.

Top of the list of high achievers is Agnes Tee who scored 10 A+, including the Chinese Language paper.

There were 230 students sitting for last year’s SPM and the school’s GPS is 4.30.

Some of the Straight As students were all smiling, with Senior Assistant Png Hellon (left).

Many of the students turned up at the school hall to receive their result slips Thursday morning. Some of the top scorers, however, were not present as they were to be studying in higher learning institutions either locally or overseas.

The students who scored straight As were Ang Yie Kun, Brenda Lau Wenn Swen, Brendelyn Pow Brownie, Chong Yuan Ping, Dametia Netta David, Delia Chen Jia Fei, Isaiah Ho Chi Ann, Joyce Pang Kai Sze, Karen Ng Jia Hui, Nadya Kairunisa Pratiknyo, Nathelbert Banta Sanada, Ng Xuan Qi, Peggy Sim Pei Yi, Phang Yong Zhi, Tan Zheng Ci, Tay Lynn Jia, Devendra Dass Balachandran, Eliza Chai Ee Yin and Irdina Hani Muhammad  Rasli.

Dametia with her father David.

Dametia, a Science stream student of Melanau parentage, was very happy with her result — A+ in six subjects namely, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, English and History.

She said her favourite subject was Chemistry while the most difficult subject was Additional Mathematics.

“But I put extra effort and that’s how I got A+ there,” she said.

Her ambition is to further her study either in engineering or architecture.

Karen Ng happy with her result.

A girl with self-confidence and determination, Karen Ng Jia Hui managed to overcome all odds to score A+ in Chemistry, Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu and Moral Education.  She also scored A for English, Additional Maths, Biology and History. She scored A- in Physics and Chinese Language.

She felt that the result was better than she expected and an improvement from her mock examination result.

She said she spent about 5 hours a day doing her revision privately at home when she was not attending tuition classes. She felt that the best time to study is in the afternoon.

Nadya showing her result slip.

Nadya Khairunisa, who scored A+ in English, Physics and Mathematics and A for Additional Maths, Biology and History, said that her foundation in Mathematics was built up by her architect father. 

She said her ambition is to be a doctor or a detective.

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