200 attend church’s Faith Formation Seminar

SEMINAR participants listening to a view being presented.

Rev. Deacon Dr. Sherman Kueh addressing the audience during the seminar.

SERIAN: The Kampung level Sunday Schools Committee of the St. Theresa’s Parish Pastoral Council here organised a Faith Formation Seminar from 4 to 5 August, 2018 at the St. Theresa’s Church Hall here.

About 200 participants including the Sunday School Teachers, Prayer Leaders, members of CSCF and the Youth members were among those attending the Seminar.

The Committee had the pleasure to invite Rev. Deacon Dr. Sherman Kueh to conduct the seminar in three sessions each on the first and second day beside Rosary and Holy Masses. Rev. Deacon Dr. Sherman Kueh had point-to-point tabled the facts of his presentations and as such, attracted the interests of the participants so much without tire.

Rev. Deacon Dr. Sherman Kueh OFS is a Permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church, a secular Francisan and theologian. He is incardinated in the Diocese of Malacca-Johor. He spends much of his time giving cathechetical instruction through speaking, writing and media production.