30 year-old man crashes near army camp

The victim's motorcycle was badly damaged in the incident.

MIRI: A 30 year-old man was admitted to Miri Hospital after he crashed his Honda Wave into a road divider in front of an army camp (Camp Sri Miri) at Jalan Airport-Miri on Tuesday night.

Sarawak Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief Supt Alexson Naga Chabu
said the incident occurred around 8.15pm, and it was believed that the victim had lost controlled of the motorcycle upon reaching the scene.

“The motorcyclist was on his way to the city centre from Taman Tunku, when he suddenly lost controlled of the motorcycle and rammed on the road divider,” said Supt Alexson.

The rider was then thrown from the motorcyle and his head had hit a signage polenearby, causing him to sustain head injury.

Police is appealing for witnesses who saw the crash to come forward and report on the incident at the nearest police station.

The case is being investigated under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act 1987.