A failed country has a paralysed government

By Siti Nurain Ratani

KUCHING: The characteristic of a failing country is when its entire system is paralysed, said Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) political analyst Associate Professor Dr Lee Kuok Tiung.

He said any weakness in the government should not be blamed solely on certain parties or politicians because it is a collective responsibility.

“It is true that there is now a wave of #KerajaanGagal (#FailedGovernment) campaign but we need to take into account that the situation may be worse if the government had not done nothing.

“The pandemic affects all Malaysians, so there is no need for us to point fingers at any party,” he said when contacted yesterday.

He explained that among the characteristics of a national failure was when there is governmental paralysis — hospitals overrun and failure to pay salaries of civil servants and pensions of public retirees.

“Though today we see hospitals facing various shortcomings, the situations are still alright.

“If Malaysia has become a failed state, then civil servants’ salaries and pensioners can no longer be paid as happened in Greece in the past.

“We are lucky to live in an oil producing country. With the current oil prices soaring, it has to some extent help support our country’s economy.

“Similarly with the soaring price of oil palm commodities, it has to some extent helps cushion the financial burden of farmers who work in oil palm plantations,” he explained.

Dr Lee said that the entire government governance system would be more competitive if the federal, state and local government levels shared the burden in shouldering the responsibility.

“The people should also play a role in motivating those who are in trouble to persevere in the face of these bitter moments and not be a flint to spread provocation or negative things to weaken their spirit,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Lee revealed that the white flag issue was just one of the ways for those in need to ask for help either from the government or individuals and it should not be viewed as biased or negative.

“All capable parties should come forward to help them, no matter how small.

“It is true that the people’s economy is badly affected thus rendering some to have no income to support their families.  However, with help from the government and individuals, we are grateful that the people can receive assistance and it can reduce their burden a little,” he explained.

Commenting further, Dr Lee was expressed disappointment with the attitude of some individuals who often shared about suicide cases which were mostly from abroad with the title condemning or belittling the government’s efforts.

“Their motives are clearly political in nature, wanting to take advantage during this trouble time to instill hatred against the party or specific leaders from the current ruling party. They might as well do something to assist those in need,” he added.