Adding colour to crowning glory is Norul’s forte


Adding colour to crowning glory is Norul’s forte

KUCHING: A twice-a-month change in the workplace ambience is a strategy for hairdresser Norul Naimmah Saini to ensure customers feel happy and at eas

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KUCHING: A twice-a-month change in the workplace ambience is a strategy for hairdresser Norul Naimmah Saini to ensure customers feel happy and at ease while having their hair done.

And she decorates her salon to not only give it a personal touch but to express her art through decor.

Hairdressing comes with the opportunity of unleashing your creative potential, says the 27-year-old.

In working with colours, braids, fabrics, textures, and different equipment, the possibility to be inventive is a daily reality that the majority simply don’t have in their 9 to 5 grind.

No doubt some clients come with ideas in mind that can be restrictive, but there is still creativity involved in exacting the styles and colouring.

Hairdressing is not only limited to the salon either.

There an ample opportunity to express yourself in other areas of the profession be it bridal hair, hair for fashion shows, or styling for TV and film.
Today’s clientele also frequently demands services like manicures, pedicures, and dermatological care, among others, and a trim and blow-dry just won’t do.

As for Norul she specialises in hair colouring services in Kuching.

“With zero basics in hair colouring, I made research on mixing colours through trial and error, playing with colours and these experiences have strengthened my skills.

“Our range of hair services start from RM25 to RM390,” she said, adding the best part is her salon offers hair colouring without the bleaching process and it is totally halal.

She started doing the business from home in 2016 and only moved into her own salon in October 2021 located opposite Borneo Conventional Centre Kuching (BCCK).

“My salon offers services such as hair wash, hair cutting, various type of hair colouring, rebonding, braids, hair treatment and we also have eyelash extension services,” she said.

Her everyday routine is to assist and usually she heads for the salon around 12pm.

“I will monitor my workers to see if there are any problems faced by them, so there will be teaching, design and problem solving on any problem faced by them.

“When there is new stock and needs learning, we have to do training on something new, such as smoothening bleached hair until we achieve our training goals.

“If there are no customers, we will do a stock clearance of salon items by offering items at prices that are much cheaper than the market price, so in the middle of the month, customers can still buy salon items, while those who wish to hold essential items until the end of the month can also do so with a deposit payment.

“If we don’t have customers, my helpers and I will make TikTok content to promote our store.”

“TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp are platforms for me to promote my business either on hair products, on what is good for our hair, daily product for hair treatment and many more,” she added.

“I hope that one day, I can have my own beauty shoplot to fully realise my dream.”

For further information, contact Norul Naimmah Saini, through Facebook Naihenna Saloon and Tiktok NaihennaSaloon for reservation.