KUALA LUMPUR: Bungkusit, a Selangor-based delivery service provider offers zero per cent commission rate to its merchants in a bid to help the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) showcase their products nationwide without having to lose sleep about reduced profit margins.

Bungkusit co-founder and chief public relations officer, Azhar Zein told Bernama, unlike other e- hailing delivery services apps which charge their vendor as high as 35 per cent in terms of commission, the company took zero commission from their merchants.

They only charge a one-time registration fee of RM100.

“We are a social enterprise driven company, thus, until today we offer zero per cent commission to our merchants as we do not want the SMEs to reduce their profits when their (profit) margins are already razor-thin.

“Therefore, we would not interrupt the flow of their operations. All street stalls and online sellers can now join us and make their product visible throughout the entire nation without having to worry about commissions and e-payments,” he told Bernama today.

The company he said, adopts a lean operation in order to be sustainable and structured their organisation to be highly efficient, relying heavily on technology to optimise their operations while keeping the costs at the minimal.

Apart from eliminating the digital barriers and provide a platform for SMEs to showcase and sell their products, Bungkusit according to Azhar, also aims to help those from the B40 group to earn a good living.

“We provide instant cash gratifications to our riders, as we believe riders are the face of the company and if they are taken care off, the end consumers will be taken care off very well.

“These riders are B40 workers and they need instant cash to support their families every day. Hence, we provide a platform for them to earn on a daily basis, allowing them to have cash in hand instantly once the orders are completed,” he said.

Bungkusit, said Azhar, operates differently from other e-haling delivery service providers as it offers freedom and flexibility to its users from any locations across Malaysia.

“Our radius is wide, you do not have to worry about which merchants we collaborate with, because you have the freedom to order from wherever you want even though they are not on our list, with base rates starting at RM7.50.

“All you need to know is their location and opening hours and we can Buy and Deliver it,” he said.

Bungkusit offers up to 500km delivery distance with cash on delivery services and facilitates an all-encompassing consumer-level delivery service nationwide, with 27,000 riders, over 3,000 merchants and 700,000 registered customers. – Bernama