Fatimah hands over a souvenir to LoveBond Care Centre manager Betty Kho.

KUCHING: A post-natal care service centre, the LoveBond Care Centre here in Stutong, will be opening soon to provide a holistic health recovery programme for pregnant women in Kuching.

This would be a vital platform for the new mothers who are expecting, said Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Sri Fatimah Abdullah.

“Providing such service to pamper new mothers is necessary for the betterment of the mother’s health, as well as the baby’s development,” she said when met with reporters at the centre here yesterday.

She pointed out the emergence of family structure in modern society nowadays has led to the increase of the demand for confinement services in urban areas.

“The family structure and lifestyle in today’s society has changed tremendously.

Fatimah hands over a souvenir to LoveBond Care Centre manager Betty Kho.

“During my time when I had my confinement period, people were still living with their extended family where parents, in-laws and relatives can help to take care of the mother’s health,” she recalled.

Recognising to the limitation of time for some mothers due to work commitments, she explained that the centre can help mothers to adapt to the drastic changes after giving birth.

“Many parents experience hormonal changes after delivering a baby. Some women would feel down, tearful or anxious in the first week after giving birth. 

“This is often called the ‘baby blues’ — it is considered normal and will not last more than two weeks after giving birth,” she said, adding that with the extra care from the centre can speed up the mother’s recovery time.

“Without extra care, mothers can easily fall into post-natal depression,” she stressed.

Fatimah further noted that the three-month maternity leave would enable mothers to have proper bonding time with their newborns.

Fatimah also reminded and has called upon all Sarawakian mothers to register for the RM450 post-natal incentive as well as to register their babies for their endowment fund.