Charity Without Borders bringing hope to interior Sarawak

Volunteers loading food items into the lorry.

KUCHING: Once again, Hope Place is bringing Charity Without Borders (CWB) to the deep interiors of Sarawak.

This year marks the programme’s seventh year and CWB 7 will be going to Ulu Tinjar, Baram with more than 80 4×4 trucks and more than 150 volunteers from all over Sarawak.

The convoy will be going to three Penan villages to help 126 families by distributing basic food items and school items there.

According to Hope Place, most of the villages in Ulu Tinjar have no water or electricity.

In addition, all the school children face difficulties in pursuing basic education as there are no schools in the villages and the nearest school is very far away.

Volunteers loading food items into the lorry.

On Monday (December 2), Hope Place and its volunteers loaded all food items and other donations onto a lorry bound for Bintulu.

The 10-tonne lorry was chartered to carry all the items including children’s desks and food aid worth RM60,000.  All the goods will be transferred to the 4×4 trucks before heading to Ulu Tinjar.

The journey from Bintulu town to the camp site in Ulu Tinjar will take approximately ten hours, while the third and last village will require a further hour’s drive and two-and-a-half hours by long boat.

Hope Place thanked all donors who contributed to this year’s CWB, especially Isuzu Malaysia which sponsored RM14,000 worth of food aid, 4×4 truck stickers and T-shirts for the entire convoy.

This charity project which started in 2013 is a joint-venture with Kelab Cabaran Pacuan 4 Roda Bintulu. 

For more information on CWB, Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching (PKHK) can be reached at 082-505987. Its opening hours are from 8.30am to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday) and 8.30am to 12.30pm on Saturdays. 

PKHK is currently helping more than 190 families and individuals. All donations are welcome and receipts will be given upon request.