Abdul Karim

KUCHING: It seems that Sarawakians have given up on Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Deputy Minister Chong Chieng Jen due to his unfulfilled promises.

The promises made before the 14th general election remain until today like ongoing irritants for Sarawakians in general and supporters of Pakatan Harapan (PH) in particular.

They have been waiting for almost two years after PH took over Putrajaya, and they are still waiting like jilted lovers who slowly come to the realisation that promises made to them were just sweet talk.

Who can forget how the Sarawak DAP chairman made promises during a sitting of the state legislature before the 14th general election?

He said that if PH formed the federal government it would pay Sarawak 20 per cent oil and gas royalties and return to Sarawak 50 per cent tax collected in the state.

Although Chong, who is Stampin member of Parliament, has been trying hard to do damage control, it has not worked well.

Then to add salt to the wound, Chong made another promise last Friday to the residents of Jalan Selangan Batu here. He told them that they would have their land titles if PH wins in the next state election.

The promise, however, was immediately shot down by many netizens on social media saying it was not to be believed.

For example, on Facebook, Sarawak State Reform Party (Star) president Lina Soo reminded Chong about his unfulfilled past promises.

“You promised recognition for the Unified Education Certificate (UEC) if PH formed the federal government. You broke your promise, and now you want to give land titles to some Dayaks if you formed the state government. I want to hear what you will promise other races,” she said.

Soo also asked Chong about the 20 per cent oil royalty, 50 per cent Sarawak tax money and the RM1,000 for every citizen.

Abdul Karim

State Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah at a press conference yesterday after meeting a delegation from Tafsia (The Association For International Sport For All) said, “There goes Chong again with his election promises. He is an expert when it comes to dangling carrots to entice voters.”

He said Sarawakians should be wary as the Kota Sentosa assemblyman had been making many promises both in the state legislative assembly and outside.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user, Habbah Kuk, said Chong was becoming more active with his old tricks, but people won’t be fooled again. “If you use the same old bait over and over, the fish won’t bite. When it comes to land, the Bidayuhs are having their land surveyed and documented with the help of the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA).