Coastal fishermen enjoy good catch

A group of fishermen pick fish from a net with calm sea condition in the background.

MUKAH: Coastal fishermen here are enjoying good catch over the last two days as sea conditions have improved.

A survey by New Sarawak Tribune at the wet market here today found the supply of fresh fish at the market has returned to normal.

Fish such as pirang, bebulan, seplok, small sharks and senangin were readily available and quite aplenty. Prawns including the tiger species were also in abundant supply.

The prices offered were quite reasonable especially towards mid-day when fishmongers were about to close for business.

For example, pirang was offered at RM10 for three kilogramme compared to between RM10 to RM15 per kilogramme, when supply was limited.

With plenty of fresh fish and prawns available, some customers were seen buying more than the usual quantity.

Sliced fish (umai) sellers were also seen smiling as they have a good supply of fresh fish, especially pirang, which is good for preparing umai campur (sliced fish mixed with prepared ingredients).