Aidil (right) briefs his officers about their assignments.

KUCHING: All constables involved in ‘Ops Omnipresence’ of Padawan police headquarters series 6/2020 were told to have high integrity while performing their duties.

Their chief, Supt Aidil Bolhassan, spoke about this with his officers during a briefing on Saturday night at Kota Sentosa Police Station. He was assisted by ASP Tina Manchu as assistant field officer that night.

The operation involved four senior officers and 14 constables assigned to four hotspots around Kota Sentosa.

“All those involved should show high integrity, self-esteem and teamwork,” Aidil said.

The team also responded to reports of cable thefts in the town square at ​​Kota Sentosa (which could prevent community recreational activities from being held) and did crime prevention patrols at designated hotspots. The team was also required to conduct snap checks if necessary and assist the district crime investigation division or narcotics police to check on entertainment centres, and make their presence visible in residential and commercial areas.

Aidil (right) briefs his officers about their assignments.