Couple apologises for causing cluster

The apology statement from Abang Mohd Amirul and his wife Umi.

DEBAK: Abang Mohd Amirul Afaeq Dahlan and his wife Umi Kalthum Yahya have apologised to anyone who are involved with the Kampung Bungey 2 Cluster.

The couple, in a statement today (Aug 19), admitted that the mistake was beyond their expectations.

“Perhaps this apology is a bit too late because we need time to deal with everything that has happened.

“It is beyond our expectations,” the statement read.

It is understood that the ceremony was originally planned for immediate family members only.

“However, we overlooked the standard operating procedures which do not allow social gatherings.

“We also apologise to all community leaders for not referring or informing them in advance which has invited various negative reactions from the public,” the couple added.

The couple’s wedding ceremony, which took place on July 30 and 31, had sparked the Kampung Bungey 2 Cluster.

The deadly virus infection had spread to other villages including Kampung Tuie, Medang, Maludam, Pusa and several others.

Today (Aug 19), the cluster recorded 37 new positive cases, bringing the total to 174 active cases.