Creating skilled local workforce through Penjana


MUKAH: Press Metal has enhanced its recruitment and employment process for Polytechnic and Community College graduates through its hybrid Penjana strategy.

In a statement, Press Metal said Penjana (Localisation of Process Controller) was conducted in three batches between March 1 and April 14 this year with a total enrolment of 30 candidates using the Place & Train Framework.

Of the 30 candidates, 26 were Diploma holders and the rest were Certificate holders from Community Colleges.

All 30 candidates completed the training successfully and were offered employment upon completion of the training as technician and junior technician with remuneration of RM1,900 and RM1,700 per month respectively based on their academic qualifications.

Penjana is a programme initiated by Industry & Community Collaboration Division (BKIK), Department of Polytechnic Education and Community College Education, Ministry of Higher Education, to further support Press Metal’s skilled workforce. It was designed based on the Place & Train Framework.

Place & Train is a structured training programme in imparting and teaching of skills, knowledge, and competencies required for candidate to perform specific function as Process Controller in Press Metal work processes. The eight- day training is conducted in Press Metal Bintulu plant for candidates to learn in the environment and exposure to the same process site where they will be assigned to work upon completion of the training.

Candidates are offered job placement upon completion of the training.

The overall duration from selection of candidate to employment takes about nine months.

Press Metal is trying to overcome its reliance on skilled foreign workers as it moves up the economic ladder. It also aims to reduce the number of skilled foreign workers by more than 50% in five years, by hiring more skilled Malaysians. Among the initiative taken towards this objective, Press Metal had identified Polytechnic Malaysia as its source of skilled manpower.

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