The crocodile being secured by APM personnel.

BETONG: Betong Civil Defence Force (CDF) yesterday caught a six-foot-long crocodile trapped in a fishing net belonging to a villager from Rumah Baba Pasa Baroh here.

According to a press statement, the complainant went down to a nearby river to check his net and found the reptile stuck in it.

Concerned about the safety of his village mates, he immediately contacted the CDF.

“His call was received around 11am and a four-member team was sent immediately to check his story. The Bravo Squad caught the crocodile after successfully removing it from the net,” the statement said.

It added that the men took about 20 minutes to secure the reptile by tying its jaws and covering its head and eyes with a sack. Perhaps due to exhaustion, the reptile was not aggressive during its capture.

The crocodile was taken to a nearby district operations control centre for further action.

The crocodile being secured by APM personnel.