Abdul Wahab

KUCHING: Premises operators are not allowed to set up tables and chairs at public spaces, especially parking zones.

According to Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) mayor Datuk Haji Abang Abdul Wahab Abang Julai, they already have a system where they engaged with premise operators telling them so.

“However, there is a way for them to do so which is to write a formal letter to us (DBKU), requesting to expand the area of their premises.

“Apart from getting permission, they also have to make sure that the extended spaces are safe for them to do their business, including making sure to keep the places clean and nice.

“Negotiations are welcome because for instance, there are a lot of empty spaces available at night.

“They can make use of it to make the place more vibrant,” he told New Sarawak Tribune at the Kuching Waterfront here, earlier today.

Abdul Wahab

Wahab added, “We are not going against the law, but we want to be more welcoming and understanding in helping the community to boost their economy.”

When asked if DBKU has received complaints, he said, “It is not that we were not aware of this matter, but we also have to play our roles in helping the premise operators as part of the community as long as they are not in the wrong.”

“At the same time, we are also monitoring them (premise operators),” he assured.

Wahab continued, “We would not want to discourage them from doing what they do best because it only means that we are killing the economy.”

“Although the law is there, we have to consider the community as well so we would try to come up with a solution without breaking the law to reach a win-win situation,” he concluded.