Discard traditional mindset, says women’s society


KUCHING: It is time that people have a change of mindset, that it is completely fine for women being the breadwinner in the family.

Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) president Margaret Bedus said society had been socially or culturally conditioned to think that only men are supposed to be breadwinners.

“It is time to change our mindset. Both men and women can contribute to the wellness of the family,” she told New Sarawak Tribune recently.

“With more female breadwinners, these are signs of changing times. Nowadays, many women are highly educated and skilled.

“Many of them are holding high and important posts in the public and private sector.

“They have more opportunities, therefore it is only natural their partners take the role of managing the home.”

She added that she does not have the statistics of mothers who are breadwinners at hand, but is certain that it is an emerging trend.

“That is why we should overcome our narrow and traditional mindset that only men should be the breadwinners.

“This is because a woman may be earning much higher income and she can be the breadwinner.

“On the other hand, the husband can become the primary caregiver by helping with the house chores and taking care of the kids.”

She also reminded that in a marriage, everyone is accountable in the running of the household.

“So, complementing each other’s role is crucial for a happy and solid marriage.”

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