Don’t be afraid of Covid-19 vaccination

KANGAR: High-risk groups, especially those with chronic diseases should not be afraid and worried of Covid-19 vaccination as it can help reduce the severity of symptoms if these individuals are infected with the virus.

According to Dr Nurazam Omar, an internal medicine specialist at KPJ Perlis Specialist Hospital, the vaccines also work as a shield that can help mitigate the risks of Covid-19 infection among persons with chronic diseases who are also among those in the high-risk groups.

“People with no medical conditions and those with chronic diseases have an equivalent ratio of possible Covid-19 vaccination side effects. Therefore, those with chronic diseases need not worry about getting vaccinated.

“Those on certain medications or undergoing any treatment should also not worry about getting vaccinated because it is safe,” he told Bernama.

Dr Nurazam said the vaccination could also reduce the chances of persons with chronic diseases, infected with Covid-19 from spreading the virus to their family members, especially those aged 18 and below.

He also advised people with chronic diseases to know the generic names of their medicines and if possible, bring them along to vaccination centres to be shown to the staff on duty.

“They must also immediately inform the staff should they experience any Covid-19 symptoms,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Asri Shafii, 45, who suffers from heart disease said although the vaccination was not a guarantee that he would become immune to the Covid-19 virus, it gave him more confidence to carry out his job that requires him to meet many people.

“As a YouTube content creator, I often meet people and go to public places…I feel more safe after getting vaccinated,” said the father of four who lives in Taman Seri Pulai, Behor Pulai in here.

Mohamad Asri who was diagnosed with a heart disease six years ago, said he experienced no side effects at all after completing both doses of Pfizer-​BioNTech vaccine.

Sharing a similar experience, Aziz Itam, 61, from Kampung Santan, here, said at first, he was afraid to get the vaccine due to unfounded rumours about its possible side effects.

However, the farmer who received his first dose of Pfizer-​BioNTech vaccine on April 23, said he was eager to complete the second dose as he did not experience any side effects after getting inoculated.

“Although I take four types of medicines for high blood pressure daily, Alhamduillah, I feel fine. “…I also feel safer and more confident to go to public places,” said the father of six who completed his second dose of vaccine at the vaccination centre at Dewan 2020, on May 18. – Bernama