MDDM Public Library

MUKAH: The movement control order (MCO), which is currently in the recovery phase since June 10, has affected the attendance at the Dalat and Mukah District Council (MDDM) Public Library here.

A staff, who preferred being anonymous, said prior to the MCO, about 50 members of the public of all ages came to the library.

“At present, we record about 10 daily,” he said yesterday.

According to him, the main reason for the decrease in attendance was the MCO.

He added that like other establishments, the library also followed standard operating procedure during the MCO imposed since March 18.

To a question, he explained that offhand, he did not know the total number of books available in the library currently.

Nevertheless, he said the library received about 10 percent of new books yearly, upon request.

He added that old books were disposed of accordingly based on existing procedures.

The first floor of the two-storey library mostly has reference books which cater to institutions of higher learning and Form 6 students.

The ground floor, which has more books and other reading materials, caters to younger readers as well as adults.