Firemen ready to face floods

The flood situation that has affected a number of houses in Song.


SIBU: Firemen here are prepared to face the flash floods that struck four districts today.

Sarawak Fire Department Zone 4 (Sibu) chief Janggan Muling assured that his men were always ready to face floods.

He also added that staff’s leaves were being tightly controlled for now to ensure they have enough personnel on duty.

“Members of the public are advised to remain alert with the current flood situation and immediately contact us if they need evacuation or assistance.

Houses in Kampung Muhibbah and Kampung Baru being flooded following heavy rainfall on Monday night.

“The situation (in Sibu) is still under control and our men are conducting patrols. Roads are still passable but the current water levels are rising,” he told.

The areas that are being monitored are Jalan Khoo Peng Loong, Jalan Lanang, Jalan Kong Yit Khim and Jalan Aman.

These roads were flooded with water levels that were about one to three metres deep but vehicles were still able to go through.

Meanwhile, Kapit fire chief Erwandy Tugor pointed out that were several low-lying areas were flooded as the result of continuous heavy rainfall.

Among the areas affected is the entrance leading to Rumah John Ramba which is about 0.3 metres to 0.5 metres deep, and houses in Kampung Muhibbah and Kampung Baru that were also flooded with 0.2 metre to one metre of floodwaters. 

“In Song, Rumah Kulleh in Nanga Kebuaw was also hit by floods. However, no evacuation operations were carried out,” he explained.

For Kanowit, fire chief Arahman Chik said the flood situation was under control after monitoring was carried out by his men.

Among the areas affected were Jalan Angkong (about 0.5 metres deep) and Jalan Rantau Kemiding (about 1 metre deep) — these roads can still be accessed by all vehicles.

In Jalan Penyulau-Kanowit, only heavy vehicles were able to pass through the floodwaters which were three metres deep.

Arahman said his men are still carrying out patrols and monitoring the situation.

The flood situation in Sibu.