Fishermen thankful for assistance


SPAOH: A total of RM1.8 million has been allocated by the Sarawak government to implement the Fishermen’s Fishing Equipment Input Assistance (BIPPN) in Betong division.

Lieliana Lennie

Betong Division Fisheries assistant officer Lieliana Lennie said the assistance has benefitted 905 deep-water and land fishermen from seven constituencies, namely Lingga, Beting Maro, Saribas, Kalaka, Krian, Kabong and Bukit Saban.

She said the BIPPN would be distributed in stages and each fisherman would receive equipment worth RM2,000.

Majority of the recipients expressed their gratitude towards the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government for the assistance.

Waili Jamil


The BIPPN is a great initiative as it is helpful for the fishermen. It means whoever owns a boat will be able to go fishing for income with the provided equipment. I also hope that other assistance such as the Fishermen Rainy Season Aid will continue this year.

Morni Yassin


I, representing the 47 residences of Kampung Medang that received this aid, would like to thank the Sarawak government. I feel elated and this assistance is valuable for me. I just wish that the distribution process can be accelerated as the fishermen are excited about it.

Saimi Jali


I am grateful for the BIPPN and I feel moved when the Agriculture Department came to the village to help. I also feel glad because, throughout the pandemic, it has not been easy to purchase anything. Therefore, I am happy for the BIPPN. Thank you to the Sarawak government.

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