Four deported from Sarawak

The four immigrants flanked by patrol personnel.

KUCHING: Four illegal immigrants found entering the state via a rat trail (jalan tikus) in Tebedu were deported to their country of origin on Monday.

The First Infantry Division said the individuals were detained by a patrol team at 9.35pm.

Further inspection found that all of them, from Entikong, Indonesia, wanted to go to Kuching to work.

The division said that in a span of two weeks, there have been two expulsions of illegal immigrants in Tebedu.

The previous incident happened on Nov 7 where four individuals, also from Entikong, tried to sneak into Malaysia for the same reason (work).

“These attempts to enter Sarawak illegally late at night and early in the morning were unsuccessful due to strict border control and swift action by the security forces that are always controlling the country’s border without compromise and calculating time constraints.

“In controlling the country’s borders in an integrated manner from being infiltrated by illegal immigrants to curb the spread of Covid-19, the army will remain committed, focused and on high alert to stop these activities,” the division said.