Give priority to senior citizens

KUCHING: The authorities have been urged to check why many senior citizens have not received their Covid-19 vaccine appointments although they have registered for vaccination since February this year.

In making this call, Alliance for Safe Community chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said that there were still complaints and grievances from the elderly who had not received their appointments for the vaccination. 

“This should not happen as senior citizens belong to the second phase of the vaccination programme. Priority should be given to them to receive the vaccines,” he said on Sunday (June 13).

If any elderly missed their appointments, Lee hoped the government could call them back and ensure that they get the vaccine.

“To help the elderly who have not been called to receive the vaccines, I suggest that the vaccination centres (PPVs) provide special lanes to help senior citizens register and receive the vaccines directly,” he said.   

“This makes it easier for this group to receive the vaccines as well as provide protection to the elderly faster,” he said.

In the meantime, he said that credit also must be given to those involved in ensuring that the vaccination process run smoothly.

“I also hope that the vaccine supply will be adequate and the delivery process will not be disrupted or else it will affect the goal of achieving herd immunity,” added Lee.