Good response from foreign workers

Some of the foreign workers who were injected at the centre.

SIBU: A mobile vaccination centre located at Lorong 11, Jalan Ding Lik Kong has received encouraging response, especially from foreign workers.

Coordinator of the centre, Michael Tiang said 248 vaccine doses had been given to the recipients, mostly foreign workers working in nearby factories and industries.

“Previously, we aimed to inject 200 people during the two-day vaccination programme.

“However, on the first day alone, 248 doses were administered. It is very encouraging to note that employers have ensured  their employees  get the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said when met by the media during the programme.

Tiang, who is also a political secretary to the chief minister, said that foreign workers who were vaccinated at the centre were given a special code.

He added that this would allow the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoH) to identify those who had been vaccinated.

Tiang (right) observing the vaccination process at the mobile vaccination centre.

According to Tiang, the MoH vaccinates foreign workers regardless of whether they have  work permits, passports or otherwise as long as they register themselves.

“This is a very good approach because we don’t care who comes. As soon as we register them, we give them the special code to get the vaccine and this is to differentiate them from the locals.

“I am very impressed with the employers for sending their employees in an effort to help the government achieve herd immunity in Sibu,” said Tiang, who is also Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) youth chief.

“If we alone have been vaccinated and they haven’t, of course, there is the feeling of insecurity inside us.

“If we get them vaccinated, everything will be fine and Sibu will be a safer place,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tiang said the vaccination programme would continue tomorrow (Sunday) from 9am to 1pm.

He hoped more foreign workers could turn up today.

“I would like to express my highest appreciation to all the volunteers who work here, including the police and those from other agencies who help us during the vaccination programme,” Tiang said.