High demand for bamboo tubes

A customer (second right) buying a bamboo tube.

MUKAH: Hollowed bamboo tubes were in high demand here in the last few days as Muslims prepared to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 

The bamboo tubes were mainly used to cook lemang (glutinous rice laced with coconut milk and a bit of salt) over open fires.

During Raya, lemang is usually eaten with chicken curry or rendang (a rich and tender coconut beef stew).

Bamboo tubes are also used for pansuh, a dish prepared by cooking chicken meat or fresh water fish over an open fire. 

New Sarawak Tribune on Wednesday (May 12) discovered many stalls at the Pasar Tamu (jungle produce market) here were selling bamboo tubes.

Depending on its size, each tube, measuring about 60cm long, was sold for between RM1.50 and RM2. A bundle of two to three tubes cost between RM3 and RM5.

According to a reliable source, of the two bamboo species found in the forest, the thin skin/layer bamboo tubes are suitable for cooking lemang or pansuh.

The thick skin/layer and sturdy bamboo tubes cannot be used to cook food. Instead, they are used to make furniture, blinds and other things.