Landslide occurs near longhouse

Firefighters observing the landslide situation that happened two feet away from the kitchens.

BETONG: It was a close call for residents of Rh Uyok Belili in Lempaong Spak, Layar when a landslide occurred near their longhouse last Monday (Mar 8).

Two doors of the 12-door longhouse were affected by the landslide which occurred behind the longhouse at around 10.40am.

Firemen from Betong, who arrived at the scene, found that the back portions of the first and sixth doors were affected but there were no damages to the interiors of the longhouse as it happened about two feet away from the kitchens.

When contacted, Betong fire chief Vincent Baling Yabi said no casualties were reported and no evacuation was made.

“We have advised residents to be cautious in case of a recurrence.

“Such incident might occur again if the soil structure is not strong,” he said.

The firemen have suggested that the relevant agencies cover the affected parts with canvas first.

After ensuring the situation was safe, the firemen returned to their station.