Limkokwing students showcase futuristic design

KUCHING: Students of Limkokwing’s Faculty of Design Innovation recently showcased their final year projects at the two-day ‘Artstronauts: Space for the future’ design exhibition held at the Limkokwing International Gallery in Cyberjaya.

The exhibition, from June 14-15, was hosted by an amalgamation of students from Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, France, and Yemen, showcasing projects across three streams of design programmes, namely BA (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication), BA (Hons) in Creative Imaging in Digital Photography, BA (Hons) in Industrial Design, and BA (Hons) in Transport Design.

‘Artstronauts: Space for the future’ was chosen as the theme to portray a futuristic concept which depicted them as a young astronaut chasing for a brilliant future.

It was inspired from the ‘life of a graduate’ journey to search for a new suitable planet or making a step into the working environment.

For their projects, students were tasked to use a dynamic gradient colour to picture the universe, and linear typography to echo the lights to highlight the brightest moment in their university life.

It became a heartwarming moment for the students when the Limkokwing University founder and president Tan Seri Datuk Seri Paduka Dr Limkokwing visited the exhibition with the university’s senior management team to look at each of the projects.

The exhibition provided an opportunity for students to display their creative identities, more specifically their interpretation of their work, as the beginning into their professional careers.

The exhibition also gave them a chance for employers and innovators to identify the latest talent, and members of the public to see the newest trends in design.

Wang Hui from the Faculty of Design Innovation said it would be a great opportunity to apply what he had learned in Limkokwing back in his home country.

“I hope to bring back my creative skills garnered at Limkokwing University to improve the art and culture in China because after we graduate, we move one step to the near future and I want to focus on my journey and move with another plan.

“It would be great to apply the skills I learned at Limkokwing’s to my home country and spark interest among the youths to the opportunities present in this field,” he said.

Wang’s final artwork addressed a current issue that is highly relatable for anyone struggling with silent stresses.

He spent almost four months exploring the concept and develop concrete designs and ideas which can be mass produced.

Nur Hidayah Ismail from Malaysia, graduating with a Bachelor of Professional Design (Visual Communication) addressed beauty trends in Malaysia with her creative product design.

“This unique inspiration came from the latest beauty trend in Malaysia and it was challenging for me.

“My inspiration for my designs came from Malaysian art, to stay true to my background and love to incorporate Malaysia culture in my work,” said Nur Hidayah.

She added that Limkokwing University helped her mainly in illustrations and with the knowledge she learned, she was now more confident with her ability and ready to explore her ‘new planet’.

Students from the Faculty of Fashion and Lifestyle Creativity also showcased their final year projects.

For Dhanita Hartland from Indonesia, receiving her degree in Bachelor in Fashion and Retailing was a dream come true.

“All of the fashion and retailing project at Limkokwing University highlights the unique and original latest trending designer cloth especially at the London Fashion Show, which is fun to go through and educational at the same time.

“Limkokwing University helped me in developing my confidence by giving me a platform to express my creativity and this university’s syllabus were the best and always outside the box,” she said.

Lim with design students at the artstronauts graduation exhibition.