Man must live in harmony with nature

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Man must live in harmony with nature

In observing the symbolic 2022 Earth Hour to raise awareness of the cause of the climate change today, the entire world continues to see not only the

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In observing the symbolic 2022 Earth Hour to raise awareness of the cause of the climate change today, the entire world continues to see not only the disruption of our lives by Covid-19, which has caused the loss of millions of lives worldwide but also the unprecedented havoc caused by climate change. Torrential rains, massive floods, typhoon, wild fires, draughts, extreme cold and scorching heat.

The crafty pandemic teaches us an important lesson. We are part of nature, a vulnerable species, not so different from any other species, many of which man has driven to extinction. With climate change, caused by man’s unsatisfiable exploitation of the oceans, land and air especially after the Industrial Revolution, we are sowing the seeds of our own extinction.

It is imperative that our 2022 Earth Hour pledge must be to live in harmony with nature and not to destroy the shared planet earth.

All nations must meet to work out another Paris Accord, to be endorsed by all countries, big and small. The biggest polluters must make a firm commitment to join the micro mini nations, which will most probably disappear from raising sea levels. Others like Bangkok and Djakarta will continue to sink.

There is no choice and we must turn to renewable energy such as solar and wind, as they do not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute enormously to global warming. Fossil fuels must be phased out.

I have been profoundly saddened to see that the massive floods across the world, and many states in Malaysia, caused by climate change, and human factors, have killed thousands of people and displaced many thousands of others. The torrential rains and floods have also claimed the lives of animals and resulted in the destruction of property.

A nurse administer the Covid-19 booster dose on a villager.

Many people were taken ill and have been traumatised, adding to the untold suffering caused by Covid-19 and overwhelming the health care system. Around the world, governments should consider formulating a master plan to deal with recurring uncontrollable floods and wild fires.

These governments should consider appointing an independent commission with only professional engineers and experts should study the matter immediately and present recommendations to deal with the next round of floods particularly.

If global climate change is not addressed the way it should be, we will see more extreme weather conditions in the years ahead.

My thoughts and prayers are also with the medical personnel and allied workers, from doctors and nurses to the cleaners and providers of essential services who risk their lives to keep us safe during this challenging and trying time. We must be considerate and think of their lives and loved ones as well.