KANOWIT: A 73-year-old senior citizen, who had been missing since Jan 26, from Rumah Joshua Medan, Sungai Tuah, Jalan Nibong Tada, Kanowit was found on the second day of a search and rescue (SAR) operation.

According to the State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operation centre, Bomba received a call about the incident from Kanowit Police Headquarters on Jan 27.

Manis (blue shirt) was found on the second day of a search and rescue operation.

On Jan 26, the missing person’s son Robert Alois Manis realised that his father Manis Lang @ Manis Matan was not at home after returning from Sibu town.

Around 1pm, his relatives said they had seen his father at a bird house located 50m from the longhouse.

During the incident, Manis was last seen wearing a blue shirt and brown trousers. He has problems remembering following a stroke.

On Jan 26, villagers tried to look for him but failed and his son Robert then lodged a police report.

SAR teams consisting of Bomba, thepolice, PBS Ng. Jih and villagers searched within a 3km radius from where Manis was last seen but failed to locate him.

The search was postponed at 7pm after it became dark and heavy rain started to fall.

Manis was found at 8.40am at Kanowit Pedai Palm Plantation, about 4km from Rumah Joshua Medan on the second day.

He was later taken by his family to Kanowit Hospital for a check-up.