Monsoon transition to bring thunderstorm, heavy rain

KUALA LUMPUR: Thunderstorms with heavy rain and strong winds are expected to hit most areas in the west coast and inland states of the Peninsula, western Sabah and western and central Sarawak following the transition phase of the monsoon from March 16.

According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia), based on the weather forecast report for the period April to September 2021 issued by the National Climate Change Centre, the transition phase from the Northeast Monsoon is expected to continue until mid-May.

“During the transition phase of the monsoon, the region will experience weak winds from various directions which are very conducive for thunderstorms to bring heavy rain and strong winds in the evening and early night in a short period of time.

“The weather conditions have the potential to cause flash floods and damage to frail structures,” said MetMalaysia in a statement citing the weather forecast report.

The same survey report also said that the country’s weather conditions are expected to be affected by the Southwest Monsoon phase from mid-May to September which will see fewer thunderstorms and heavy rain with most states experiencing more days without rain.

“However, during the Southwest Monsoon, there can be rain in the morning, especially on the west coast of the Peninsula,” according to the statement.

MetMalaysia will regularly update the weather forecast in the event of significant changes and the survey can be accessed via, the statement read. – Bernama