Near chaos at Miri jab centre

Vaccine recipients waiting under a canopy outside the Dato Lee Teck Fook stadium.

MIRI: Chaos almost ensued Monday morning at the Covid-19 vaccination centre (PPV) at the Dato Lee Teck Fook Stadium of Riam Road Secondary School due to miscommunication between the personnel manning the centre and the public.

Around 7.30am, recipients of the first and second dose of the Covid-19 vaccines began arriving at the stadium. They waited under two canopies which had been set up as the waiting areas before they were allowed to enter the stadium to get their vaccines.

Most had come according to their vaccination appointment time.

Unfortunately, 15 minutes before the PPV was scheduled to open at 8am, the recipients were told by the Rela personnel that they would be divided into two groups — those who would be receiving the second dose and those who would be receiving the first dose. One of the canopies was for the first group while the other canopy was for the second group.

The lack of proper signage and miscommunication over the instruction was frustrating for the crowd as most of them had come on time to the PPV to get their jabs.

The last-minute instruction also caused some people to jump the queue.

However, the situation was eventually put under control and the vaccination process ran smoothly later that day.

Each vaccine recipient was also given a ticket to avoid overcrowding.

The vaccination centre at the stadium has been operating since June 17. It replaces the centre at Miri Hospital.