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Baru satisfied with PBH project progress

SRI AMAN: Works Minister Baru Bian is satisfied with the progress of works on the Pan Borneo Highway (PBH) project from Kuching to Sri Aman. He said there is a little delay at one or two places but nothing serious.

“But generally, it is quite satisfactory,” he disclosed to the media during a stop over for lunch and briefing on Work Package Contract 04 of the Pan Borneo Highway project at Naim Gamuda’s Central Labour Quarter (CLQ) and Training Centre at Temudok,Sri Aman.

On the aspect of traffic control along the Pan Borneo Highway at the moment, Baru said at this state it is good.

“I hope, it will be maintained not just when I am coming here. I have also reminded LBU ( Lebuhraya Borneo Utara) to remind all the other contractors to ensure safety of road users is maintained throughout the Pan Borneo Highway during the course of its construction,” he said.

Baru said he had received complaints from road users that there are places without proper signage. “I hope this will be taken serious for the safety of road users.

“I understand the challenges faced by the contractors and LBU on this matter, it is a very important responsibility for the contractors.

“I hope after this there will be no more serious complaint,” he said. Baru advised those who have disputes over settlement of compensation not to act out of the law. “The case in Selangau that happened a few days ago, I had received report from the contractor and LBU, and I understand it is due to dispute on NCR rights.

“I understand the issue and as lawyer myself I know a lot of these disputes will happen in implementation of big project such as this. Definitely there will be difficulties but what is important is if there is any legal dispute, my advice to our people is don’t act outside the laws as there are proper procedures to follow,” he said.

Case like this take times to settle, so I hope our people will be patient. Most importantly I don’t want you take action yourself, “ said the Minister.

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