‘Ngabang Gawai not permitted’

KUCHING: Sarawakians, especially those celebrating Gawai Dayak, have been reminded that ngabang Gawai (house-to-house visiting) during the festival is not permitted.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in a statement today, said longhouse-to-longhouse visiting is also not allowed.

“Please stay vigilant, stay safe, stay home and save lives,” it said in the statement.

Meanwhile, on the inter-district travel applications, SDMC said so far, 1,492 applications had been received from the 28 district police headquarters throughout Sarawak.

It said the total cumulative inter-district travel applications received were 64,004 and out of these, 58,618 had been approved while 5,386 were rejected.

SDMC added that the monitoring team had monitored 1,853 locations; 352 were supermarkets, 384 restaurants, 23 factories, 206 banks, 79 government offices, 38 hawkers, 118 public markets, 133 places of worship, 56 leisure places, 16 construction sites and others (448). 

To date, 30,821 notifications on economic sectors that are allowed to reopen were received; 22,321 notifications were made online and 8,500 through email.