Koo (centre) witnesses the handing over of duties between Merbin (left) and Nixon.

SIMUNJAN: The Simunjan District Police Headquarters has appointed DSP Nixon Joshua Ali as its district police chief (OCPD), replacing Supt Merbin Lisa, who was promoted to the rank of superintendent yesterday.

Merbin will be reporting for duty as the new Kuching district deputy chief (operations) today after serving as the district’s police chief for the past four months and thus, handing over his post to Nixon with immediate effect.

Present to witness the ceremony was ACP Martin Koo, who represented the Sarawak Police Headquarters.

Nixon was attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (Forensics) at the Sarawak Police Headquarters.

Koo (centre) witnesses the handing over of duties between Merbin (left) and Nixon.

Merbin, in his outgoing speech, urged all the district police division heads to continue engaging with the public through their community based programmes such as the dialogue session and meet-the-client’s day.

“Engaging with the community face-to-face is important as it provides us a chance to obtain vital information and tip-offs, and with new leads or information, we are able to take immediate action in carrying out raids and arrests.

Merbin also expressed his gratitude for the cooperation rendered to him throughout his tenure in Simunjan.

Also held at the same event was the handing over of the IPD Simunjan Police Family Association (Perkep) chairman post from Rosnea Nyokiew (Merbin’s wife) to Insp Rose Yusup.