Outbound flight fares from Mukah increase

The new Mukah Airport.

MUKAH: Airfares from Mukah to outside destinations in Sarawak have increased by RM11 since Aug 1.

Local travel agent Mukah Travel Sdn Bhd (MTSB) recently announced the hike in the airfares on social media.

“Please be informed that Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad will be implementing passenger services and security charges of RM11 to all passengers travelling from Mukah starting today (Aug 1),” it said.

MTSB staff Rosdi Basir clarified that the increase in the airfares does not involve in-bound flights (to Mukah) and would remain as it is.

“The new rate will be effective from Aug 1 to 15 only,” she told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday (Aug 5), adding that she does not know what the rate would be from Aug 16 onwards.

Following the price hike, the new airfares from Mukah to Kuching is from RM142 to RM153, Mukah-Sibu (RM77 to RM88), Mukah-Miri (RM130 to RM141) and Mukah-Bintulu (RM88 to RM99).

The current fares from Kuching to Mukah remain at RM154, Sibu-Mukah (RM89), Miri-Mukah (RM142) and Bintulu-Mukah (RM100).

The last day of flight operations at the Mukah short landing and take-off airport, about three kilometres from town, was on July 16. The new Mukah Airport at KM7 Jalan Mukah-Oya started operations the next day.