Pesta Medamit more popular now

LIMBANG: Besides celebrating racial unity in Limbang, Pesta Medamit is also a platform for the local community to generate more income.

The ministry officials and community leaders, when met by the media, said that it was one of the efforts of the state government to unite the community while improving the economy of the local residents.

According to Tuai Rumah Unong Ketit, visitors from various races to the festival have been increasing yearly since its implementation six years ago.


“With the cooperation of various agencies and bodies in the organisation of the event this time, we can see the participation of other races in activities throughout the festival,” he said.

“For example, on Cultural Night, other races also took part in presenting their cultural arts.”

Meanwhile, according to deputy chairman of Sadia Limbang Division Jangan Bakar, the facilities provided by the state government in Medamit area are also contributing to the increase in the number of visitors.


“Like the establishment of the hall. It gives comfort and pleasure to visitors coming to the festival. In the past, only tents were provided for the festival.  Many visitors did not find it comfortable to sit on the grass,” said Jangan.

He said the organisation of the festival was important for uniting the Ibans and other communities in Limbang.

Meanwhile, Limbang walikota Sufian Mohat said the programme was conducted not only to unite the various races in Medamit, but also to help traders generate income.


“Over the last two to three years, participation from Brunei, Labuan, Miri and other parts of the country has been increasing.

“The increase will definitely impact the economic growth of traders at the festival,” Sufian said.

In addition, Sufian hailed the decision of the state government to develop Medamit into a centre of economic activities.