Police dispose of uncustomed goods

Padawan deputy police chief DSP Lim Jaw Shyong (second right) and his colleagues with the case items to be disposed of today.

PADAWAN: The district police here today disposed of uncustomed goods worth RM4,795,396 at Kuching Integrated Waste Management Park (KIWMP), Jalan Mambong.

District police chief Supt Aidil Bolhassan said the disposal involved various cigarettes, liquor and beer from nine cases recorded in the jurisdiction of Padawan police headquarters.

“Three of nine cases have been placed in no further action (NFA) by the court while the remaining are still being investigated under Section 135(1)(d) of the Customs Act 1967.

“However, we have obtained instructions from Kuching Magistrate’s Court on Nov 16 to dispose of the items, given the limited storage of case items,” he told.

Going into the details of the case items, he pointed out that 26,776 cigarette cartons, 3,413 cartons of beer and 242 bottles of liquor were disposed of yesterday morning.

All case items were taken to the landfill at 11am and were destroyed by heavy machinery.

Aidil shared that there were still 14 cases of remaining investigating papers that have yet to receive any disposal instructions, namely four cases from last year and 10 cases for this year.