Remember sacrifices of past leaders, heroes

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: Datuk Peter Minos has emphasised that today is a day for Sarawakians to reflect on and appreciate the state’s rich culture and diversity, as well as its history and the sacrifices of its past leaders.

“July 22 is one of the most momentous and beautiful day for Sarawak as we finally achieved our independence after 122 years of British colonialism,” said the Kota Samarahan Municipal Council chairman.

“During colonialism, people not only lost their freedom, but also their pride and dignity, because they were subject to the control of foreigners who took over their country and their lives, believing that they had lost everything in all aspects of their existence, most notably their freedom.

“While the rest is history, today, we must be grateful and thankful to Sarawak’s past leaders and heroes, such as Rentap, an Iban-Dayak warrior, or Rosli Dhobi, a Sarawakian patriot, who have contributed to our freedom to this day.”

The Bung Bratak Heritage Association president remarked that there is simply no substitute for freedom and independence.