Sadia-Krian Chairman Andrew Paul receiving the RM12,000 cheque from Sybestine Gambong at a dinner in Kuching recently.
Sadia-Krian Chairman Andrew Paul receiving the RM12,000 cheque from Sybestine Gambong at a dinner in Kuching recently.

KUCHING: Sadia-Apan received a donation of RM12,000 from a businessman, Sybestine Gambong, in support of the ‘Learning Awareness and Study Smart’ programme. The donation is received by Sadia-Krian Chairman Andrew Paul and witnessed by PEDAS Vice President Victor Ason at a dinner recently.

“After listening to the details about this program from Andrew, I personally feel that I should help to conduct this program in rural schools. Such program is seldom organised in rural areas as it requires more expenditures and I hope through this donation, the students from the rural areas will gain something from it.

“Usually, we will always hear the rich students in the urban areas joining many talks and programs and that is why I decided to support this program organised by Sadia-Krian. This program is planned to be held in three selected rural schools,” said Sybestine.

Sadia-Apan aimed to share the challenges and best practices in learning and education such as SQ3R and a lot more learning techniques which are all research-based and have been proven to be effective in helping the students to learn. The event is conducted in Iban language and it is very suitable for Iban Language Panel in schools which are looking for a program to be conducted for their students.

“We are very lucky and bless to receive donation from someone who is concerned to help students in the rural areas in their studies and education,” said Andrew Paul. Currently, this program targets Form Four and Lower Six students. Parents are also encouraged to come to the first two hours session and be enlightened on the current issues and practices in the area of learning and education.

“We are not only providing motivational talks but we also share many research-based practices and skills which students can apply in their learning.

All of these practices are based on researches made in psychology, neuroscience and pedagogy. “Sadly all of these findings are not included in the school syllabus apart from the famous Bloom Taxonomy.

That is why, we as parents still need to educate and enlightened ourselves in the recent research about learning and education in order to help our children,” added Andrew, who is experienced in research and development in semiconductor industry. The continuity of this program relies a lot on sponsorship and donations from the public. Members of the public are highly encouraged to contribute to this program.