Street food is still popular

THE street food atmosphere at Expert Foodcourt in BDC.

NOBODY can quite resist the allure of street food anywhere in the world although some may prefer the much fancy and cosier ambience like a diner or a restaurant. Be what may, street food is still tops when it comes to food that are a little cheaper and still pretty much tasty. Sometimes to eat out can be quite a hassle and for a fuss free singleton like myself, street food is quite my thing although if it comes to a bit more privacy, I would pick a diner or a restaurant anytime.

Nonetheless, if I was craving for something like Kolo Mee or the Char Kway Teow or Chicken Rice, I would look for that oriental food in the streets like the open food court and even hawker stalls which are basically almost everywhere in the city. Just recently, I tried the Thai Seafood in Green Curry with a friend and her son recently and both of them ordered Ayam Penyet at the Expert Open Food Court located at BDC Housing area, Kuching.

With its green curry gravy, the seafood that I had was quite tasty although one might questioned the sweet taste which is quite unusual for a curry dish especially when it’s a Thai cuisine as the latter is known for something a little bit more spicy.

It is quite cheap and affordable too, and according to my friend, who incidentally recommended the food court to me, the seafood is reasonably priced at Expert especially for Thai cuisine. In a nutshell, street food will not be phased out anytime soon in Kuching or anywhere else in Malaysia as the locals are still pretty much into the scene as well as for the tasty food that such a place has to offer.

ALE the cook from Lundu who prepares the food
at the Thai seafood stall.
AYAM Penyet.
THAI seafodd in green curry.
THE street food atmosphere at Expert Foodcourt in BDC.


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